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A MAPs Journey Podcast




Navigating Life After The Sex Offender Registry

Elliott is joined by special guest Zack, a registered offender and member of the Minor Attracted Person (MAP) community. Zack shares his personal journey of rebuilding his life after being placed on the sex offender registry at the young age of 19, following a non-violent "contactless" offense that he takes ownership of.

Through his story, we gain insight into the challenges of living as a registered offender, including the impact of stigma and isolation on mental health. Zack also speaks to the challenges of being a member of the MAP community, and the need for greater understanding and acceptance of diverse sexual orientations.

Despite these obstacles, Zack shares how he has been able to find hope and meaning in his life, and emphasizes the importance of humanizing the experiences of those on the registry. He also shares some of the strategies and coping mechanisms that have helped him to manage his emotions and find a sense of purpose, such as mindfulness meditation and advocacy work.

Join us as we explore the complexities of this sensitive and often misunderstood topic, and discuss how we can create a more compassionate and inclusive society for all. We hope that this episode will provide a fresh perspective on the issue of registered offenders, and inspire listeners to engage in more open and empathetic conversations about this important topic.

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