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A MAPs Journey Podcast


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The Benefits and Challenges of Therapy for Minor Attracted Persons

In this episode of MAPS Journey, we'll discuss therapy's importance for Minor Attracted Persons (MAPs), the challenges they face in accessing therapy, and the benefits of finding a MAP-friendly therapist. We'll be joined by Michael from b4uact, an organization that provides resources and support for MAPs seeking therapy.

We'll start by exploring why therapy is an essential tool for MAPs, both for their well-being and for reducing the risk of harm to children. We'll discuss the stigma surrounding MAPs seeking therapy and the misconceptions many people have about MAPs. We'll also explore the unique challenges that MAPs face in finding a therapist who is knowledgeable about their experiences and needs.

Next, we'll delve into the benefits of finding a MAP-friendly therapist, and how b4uact's therapist list can be a valuable resource for MAPs seeking therapy. We'll discuss the importance of finding a therapist who is non-judgmental, empathetic, and knowledgeable about MAPs and their experiences. We'll also touch on some of the specific techniques and approaches that MAP-friendly therapists may use in their work with MAPs.

Finally, we'll talk about some of the challenges that MAPs may face in therapy, and how they can navigate these challenges with the help of a supportive therapist. We'll discuss strategies for building a strong therapeutic relationship, setting goals for therapy, and working through difficult emotions and experiences. We'll also explore the role that loved ones can play in supporting MAPs in their therapy journey. won't want to miss it.

Overall, this episode will provide valuable insights and guidance for MAPs who may be struggling to find support, as well as their loved ones who may be seeking to better understand their experiences. We hope that this episode will help to break down the stigma surrounding MAPs seeking therapy and provide hope and resources for those in need of support.

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