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A MAPs Journey Podcast


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PUBLISHED | February 5, 2021


A Female Minor Attracted Person's Story

In this episode of the podcast, Elliott explores the experiences of Emily, a female minor attracted person. Despite being an understudied and often misunderstood group, women who experience attraction to minors face unique challenges and stigma in society. Through her candid sharing of her journey, Emily sheds light on the struggles and isolation that can accompany this attraction.

She honestly discusses her experiences with depression and suicidal ideation before finding a supportive community that helped her achieve a greater sense of acceptance and understanding. Emphasizing the importance of finding a community that offers a safe space for individuals to share their stories without fear of judgment. Highlighting the need for greater compassion and understanding in society for individuals who experience attraction to minors.

Throughout this episode, listeners gain a deeper understanding of the complexities and challenges that women who experience attraction to minors face. Elliott and Emily discuss the misconceptions and prejudices that are often associated with this attraction and how it can impact the mental health of those who experience it. The episode emphasizes the importance of creating a more accepting and supportive society for all individuals, regardless of their attractions.

By sharing Emily's story, this episode helps to break down the silence and stigma that often surrounds the experiences of female minor attracted persons. The MAPS Journey podcast continues to provide a platform for individuals to share their journeys with others and work towards greater acceptance and understanding for all.

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