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A Story of a Mother and Son's Bond Amidst Minor Attraction
(A Follow Up)

In this follow-up episode, we revisit the story of a mother and son's bond amidst the complex topic of minor attraction. A little over a year ago, we heard from Elliott and his mom Claire as they shared their experiences with open communication, unconditional love, and acceptance in the face of Elliott's attraction to a boy on the bus.

Now, we catch up with them as they continue their journey of understanding and navigating this sensitive topic. Claire has taken it upon herself to do extensive research, reading books and watching TED Talks to better comprehend minor attraction. They discuss her insights and how they have impacted their relationship.

Elliott opens up about the deep feeling of limerence he experienced towards the boy on the bus, and Claire shares her thoughts on how to address this emotional state in a constructive and healthy way. They also delve into the topic of sex offender therapy and the possibility of using primary prevention in everyday medical diagnoses.

Finally, they wrap up the episode by discussing how various extended family members have processed Elliott's attraction and the role of open communication in facilitating understanding and acceptance. Join us as we continue this important conversation and learn from their experiences.

Whether you are a parent, family member, or anyone seeking to understand the complexities of minor attraction, this episode offers a candid and insightful look into the journey of a family seeking to redefine love and acceptance.

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