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Unraveling The Development of Minor Attraction

In this episode, Elliott, hosts a nuanced discussion on the development of minor attraction, a topic that is often misunderstood and stigmatized.


Joined by fellow MAPs Bly and Jay, they explore the various factors that may contribute to minor attraction, examining the biological and genetic aspects that may play a role, as well as the impact of childhood trauma and societal stigma.

The discussion touches on the potential ethical considerations that arise when it comes to the hypothetical concept of being able to remove an area of the brain to prevent the attraction.


They delve into the complexities of this concept, discussing the potential implications for those who experience the attraction and the ethical considerations surrounding this type of intervention.

Throughout the episode, Elliott, Bly, and Jay work to provide a deeper understanding of the development of minor attraction. They aim to dispel common misconceptions about the topic, while also acknowledging the need for further research in this area

Overall, this episode provides a compassionate and thought-provoking exploration of minor attraction development. The conversation is multi-faceted and seeks to highlight the complexities of this topic, while also striving to provide a greater understanding of the experiences of those who live with this attraction.

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