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A MAPs Journey Podcast


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PUBLISHED | June 2, 2024


A Trans Person's Experience As A MAP

In this episode of MAPS Journey, Elliott sits down with Gwen a individual who identifies as both Trans and a Minor Attracted Person (MAP). Gwen’s story is one of resilience, authenticity, and courage, providing listeners with a unique and intimate look into her life. This episode delves into the complexities of her intersecting identities, offering valuable insights and fostering greater understanding.

Throughout their conversation, Elliott and Gwen explore a wide range of topics. They discuss the personal challenges Gwen has faced, shedding light on the difficulties of navigating life as both a Trans person and a MAP. Gwen shares her experiences with support systems that have been crucial to her journey, highlighting the importance of community and acceptance.

In addition to the challenges, Gwen and Elliott address common misconceptions about minor attraction. Their discussion aims to dispel myths and provide a clearer picture of what it means to live with this identity. Gwen’s perspective offers a powerful reminder of the human side of these often misunderstood topics.

They discuss the importance of mental health and the role it plays in maintaining a balanced and fulfilling life. This thought-provoking and enlightening conversation is sure to leave listeners with a deeper understanding and empathy for those living with complex identities.

The Gender Dysphoria Bible Resource

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