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A MAPs Journey Podcast


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PUBLISHED | MAY 20, 2021


A MAP's Journey Into Parenthood

In this episode of the MAPS Journey podcast, Elliott is joined by Timothy, a married minor attracted person with one son. Timothy shares his personal journey of navigating the complex and often stigmatized reality of being a MAP parent. He discusses the struggles he faced in managing his attraction while raising a child, and the difficult choice he made to keep his identity hidden from his wife until later in their marriage. Timothy also shares his wife's reaction to this revelation, and how they worked through the challenges together.

As a MAP parent, Timothy faced a unique set of challenges in raising his child. The societal stigma associated with MAPs and the fear of being misunderstood or judged by others can make it difficult for MAPs to seek support, connect with other parents, and feel confident in their parenting abilities. Timothy shares his experience of building a support network, seeking therapy, and working through feelings of guilt and shame. He also discusses how he and his wife created a loving and supportive home environment for their child while navigating the challenges of their unique situation.

Through Timothy's story, this episode provides insights and strategies for other MAP parents navigating the challenges of raising happy and healthy children in a society that often stigmatizes and misunderstands their identity. This conversation highlights the importance of finding a support network, building self-acceptance, and fostering an environment of love and acceptance in the home. Join us for a compassionate and enlightening conversation on a topic often hidden in the shadows.

This episode also addresses the misconception that all MAPs are a danger to children. By sharing his experience as a loving and responsible parent, Timothy helps to challenge harmful stereotypes and promote greater understanding and acceptance of MAPs. Listeners will come away with a deeper appreciation for the complexities of parenting as a MAP, and the importance of building inclusive and supportive communities for all parents, regardless of their identity.

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