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A MAPs Journey Podcast


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PUBLISHED | June 27, 2023


Maintaining Professional Boundaries While Working With Children as A MAP

On this episode of "A MAP's Journey," Elliott dives into the complex topic of working with children when you are someone who is "Minor-Attracted". Elliott is joined by IVP and PY, to discuss the challenges and strategies for navigating these situations responsibly.

With a focus on personal growth and ethical behavior, this episode aims to provide guidance and insights for MAPs. The three openly share their own experiences and discuss how they have managed their attractions while maintaining professional boundaries.

Through an empathetic and non-judgmental conversation, the podcast explores various topics, such as; recognizing and acknowledging attractions, maintaining professional boundaries, as well as ethical considerations. 

By approaching this sensitive topic with empathy and open dialogue, this episode aims to foster understanding and provide practical advice for MAPs navigating attractions in the workplace.

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