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A MAPs Journey Podcast


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PUBLISHED | March 16, 2024


Diving Into The Emotional Depths of Falling In Love As A MAP

In this emotionally charged episode of "A MAPS Journey," we delve into the intricate interplay between love and limerence within the MAP (Minor Attracted Persons) community. Through candid conversations and heartfelt reflections, we explore the complexities of emotional connection and the quest for authenticity.

As we navigate the terrain of love and limerence, we confront challenging questions that resonate deeply with the MAP experience. Can MAPs experience genuine love, or is it limerence disguised as something deeper? Through personal narratives Elliott, Charlie and PY unravel the nuances of emotional attachment and the societal stigmas that often accompany it.

Join us on this introspective exploration as we seek to understand the resilience and capacity for authentic emotion within the MAP community. Through empathy, vulnerability, and understanding, we navigate the complexities of love and limerence, guided by the enduring quest for connection and belonging.

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